venerdì 14 novembre 2014

Portia Africana

HP: 73
MP: 8
Skills: He eats spiders and he is very sad for it, he has a remarkable power mandibular he uses to chew the leaves even though he hates. His eyes are deep and can locate a spider at large distances but close should wear glasses . Unfortunately it's a bit astigmatic.

lunedì 6 ottobre 2014

Giant Snail

HP: 40
MP: 40
Skills: This giant snail leaves a toxic acid on its path able to decrease HP and MP stats of enemies. Giant snails usually move in group.

martedì 23 settembre 2014

Black Rain Frog

HP: 5
MP: 99
Skills: He manages to create a magical mist of rain that defeat the enemy instantly, but if you touch it with your hands too strong can die.

lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

Immortal Jellyfish

HP: 7
Skills: When she feel threatened, Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii) can reverse its life cycle and return to a primitive stage, perhaps indefinitely regenerating. It is fantastic creature.

mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

Sword Fish Eye

HP: ???
MP: ???
Skills: This misteryous Eye is an ancestral weapon for destroy all earth creatures, It is very very dangerous.

Cigar Hamster

HP: 2
MP: 0
Skills: This cigar is very aromatic for feeling good, but is too fast to finish   

venerdì 13 gennaio 2012

Furry Devil Caterpillar

HP: 3
MP: 0
Skills: Awesome power form his soft fur and he use his strange and bizzarre face for scary evil enemy

lunedì 24 ottobre 2011


HP: 34
MP: 8
Skills: This little Shark have one powerfull ray from his eye, but he is very waek because is young

giovedì 10 marzo 2011

Zombie Ant

HP: 15
MP: 60
Skills: This zombified ant can attack other ants turning them into zombies. They tend to move and attack enemies in groups.

sabato 5 marzo 2011

Fire Bird

HP: 120
MP: 250
Skills: he can deal with all kind of fire power, can absorb enemy fire attacks. Supreme Flame is his most terrible attack which, while using all his magic points, causes istant death for any creature that doesn't resist to high temperatures.

giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Artic Veasel

HP: 18
MP: 0
Skills: He is very strong and love eat two or three rats before brakfast. He is very careful and after dinner would like smoke a little cigar for digest better.

giovedì 23 dicembre 2010

Snappy Turtles

HP: 9
MP: 3
Skills: Very aggressive and dangerous. She can fight only in a couple match. She love very much Fiorentina Steak.

Standing Armadillo

HP: 159
MP: ???
Skills: He can walking by two foots for a long distance. Create a rolling attack when it is very nervous. He is very impulsive and shy. He prefers reading detective stories before sleeping.

Furry Pig

HP: 68
MP: 0
Skills: He can disguise in a herd of sheeps, powerful single attack with his furry pig's trotter. He love use winter pullover for cold season.

lunedì 20 dicembre 2010

Climber Walrus

HP: 600
MP: 400
Skills: Climber Walrus belongs to the same family of the Combat Walrus. Instead of a face to face brute attack this Walrus uses its magic skills to defeat the enemy.